Sampler improvement

At this moment Sampler module is very basic.
Is it possible to add some extra features to make it more usable?

  1. fades (to avoid clicks) and loop points (especially usefull for pads and basses)
  2. sample start position slider
  3. unison feature (usefull for making that wide sounds)
  4. time stretch mode (to keep the sample’s length)
  5. right click to INIT sampler
  6. save current sample to user folder

thank you!


You can get around some of these by loading your sample into an oscillator slots wavetable and walking through it with an LFO or an envelope. Although I would also prefer more functionality in the dedicated sampler module.

sure thing!
but quality is crap ))
also you can resynthesize preset as wavetable.
quality is MUCH better but still far from original sample

I think the sampler osc. it’s more suited to load short sounds,like percussive sounds,like kicks or snare tansient/attack,just to improve the wavetabe osc.or drones to use like sub osc.

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sure thing! dat “Serum cliche” LOL

Agree - a better sampler i would like,

  • Start point slider is essential
  • Fades also
  • looping would be nice also with fades
  • some stretch modes also

i am looking forward to the next update, i think matt doing a lot these days


I too would like to see some improvements in the Sample Osc. It doesn’t seem to read Loop Points very well or at all.

Best sliders I ever used were on the old Akai s612 rack mount 12 bit sampler. You could pull start and end at the same time, and totally morph the range til you’d exhausted all possibilities for the wave in question. Simple and divine!

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“You could pull start and end at the same time, and totally morph the range til you’d exhausted all possibilities for the wave in question.”

Sounds like a very useful feature!

Absolutely. Something along the lines of the ANA 2 sample OSC or Phaseplants. And if you really wanna dream how about 3 of them.

It would be nice to have a fully-fledged sampler in Vital.

My suggestion is to integrate an existing open source sampler code to Vital (no need to reinvent the wheel). There is a GitHub open source project called HISE (for VST plug-in development which includes sampler that practically has all the necessary features.

My software development skills (C++, JUCE, …) are mainly “Hello World” level, so I have no idea what such an integrating process would require from a talented C++ developer, but surely that would require less work than starting from zero.

I think such a hybrid synth-sampler would be quit a killer app!

Sampler code here:

Any comments?


Would kill for more sampler features. I’ll just throw in multisample/soundfont support because why not?


This please!!

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I like the .sf2 format, i don’t know why i like them so much but most of the .sf2 players are crashy and poor quality.

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