Sample tuning and playback

Hi all! I’m really new to wavetables, so apologies if these are silly questions. Win 10 system.

  1. I’ve tried recording samples from a hard synth in Audacity and then importing them to Vital (using Pitch Splice), and the pitch at which they play seems very erratic: sometimes I need to detune by 12 st, or 24, or in one case 38 (that’s correct: it wasn’t even the same note). Is this normal, or am I missing something really basic?
  2. On playback a plucked sound (harp, in this case) seems very smooth, but a sustained string sound is glitchy, seeming to jump between frames. Again, am I doing something basic wrong?

No your not, the sampler is very rudimentary has no loop points or fade in and out. You could record a very long sample and control it via envelop at the expense of a huge preset file size. It’s not per say a true sampler.

Thanks DGB: I’ll bear that in mind.