Sample rate, Ui Scale and Presets


I’d like to report a few things about Vital 1.0.3, on MacOS 10.15.7 (MBP 16") and Ableton 10.1.30:

  • In standalone, the samplerate/audio buffer size resets to 44100hz/512ms everytime I open the app

-In both standalone and plugin versions, the ui scales weirdly, 400% looks like a 100% in every other plugin, would be cool to be able to have it bigger

-I chose the subscription model, and I’m not sure if I understood something wrong, but I only have 62 presets, wich seems weird since even the free version is supposed to have 75…?

Apart from that everything seems to work fine, no tts-to-wavetable issue, no high cpu usage or anything laggy on my side so far !


Some of the preset banks had a broken structure. If you go into your Vital folder ~/Music/Vital and find Level 8 and Unsystematic folders inside there are folders called “Factory Presets”.
That “Factory Presets” folder should be called “Presets”, if you rename it should show up in the browser.

I had fixed this before release but I guess the upload failed and the old version is still up there.

Thanks for the fast reply

I tried that and now have 73 presets

So does that mean I have to pay another 80$ for the Pro version plus the monthly subscription to have access to all the presets/wavetables ?