Sample offset in Sampler

Please make a slider or Smth to choose start of the sample.


That would be so awesome! Would love that option :heart_eyes:

+1. The sampler is the weakest feature for me; I can workaround it by using external Arpeggiators or simply a grouped external Simpler or Sampler in Ableton. I don’t see myself using it much as-is except for a very passive textural layer in specific cases.

Everything else is awesome though. I feel bad for criticizing this synth at all so I feel the need to add that disclaimer lol.

Sample offset (as mod destination) and scratch mode to control playhead with modulation

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I agree - Please add a sample start - the FM quality when using samples is the nicest I have tried in any synth - just a line marker in the box you can drag where to start would do but a start point with looping that can have them parameters modulated would be fantastic - I really hope you expand the sample part a little as like I said I have never heard such good FM of an oscillator using samples like that. I have been getting great results using long samples but would be much nicer not having to always start at beginning of sample or use the constant play mode.


I agree, this function of a sampler would make it much nicer. A per note sample start would also make already a difference.
Use cases can be:

  • Stereo (Haas)
  • Random sounds per note
  • Reducing machine gun effect
  • Vocal chops
  • Granulizing
  • Simulating velocity
  • Varied textures

for example.

Veeery useful for me