Sample offset in Sampler

Please make a slider or Smth to choose start of the sample.


That would be so awesome! Would love that option :heart_eyes:

+1. The sampler is the weakest feature for me; I can workaround it by using external Arpeggiators or simply a grouped external Simpler or Sampler in Ableton. I don’t see myself using it much as-is except for a very passive textural layer in specific cases.

Everything else is awesome though. I feel bad for criticizing this synth at all so I feel the need to add that disclaimer lol.

Sample offset (as mod destination) and scratch mode to control playhead with modulation


I agree - Please add a sample start - the FM quality when using samples is the nicest I have tried in any synth - just a line marker in the box you can drag where to start would do but a start point with looping that can have them parameters modulated would be fantastic - I really hope you expand the sample part a little as like I said I have never heard such good FM of an oscillator using samples like that. I have been getting great results using long samples but would be much nicer not having to always start at beginning of sample or use the constant play mode.


I agree, this function of a sampler would make it much nicer. A per note sample start would also make already a difference.
Use cases can be:

  • Stereo (Haas)
  • Random sounds per note
  • Reducing machine gun effect
  • Vocal chops
  • Granulizing
  • Simulating velocity
  • Varied textures

for example.

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Veeery useful for me

Please add sample start offset (and loop points would be good) - would be fantastic.

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Making a sampler without a start position is like making a filter with a static cutoff frequency. Please add at least a start offset feature. Please, please, please!

Also would be great if possible to modulate the current playing position… but that’s definetely after the start offset feature.

if the sampler behaved exactly the same way as the wavetable object in the sense that an LFO or other modulator source is used to move the “playhead” from one place to the other, and use a standard lfo to control that play head, that ought to work great. the tricky part would be the interpolation modes, but i guess the wavetable objects have a few interpolation methods included.

so lose the sample player engine as it is and replace it with another wavetable engine with a sampler skin?

everyone’s suggestions here are great, just wanted to voice my support. #1 missing feature for me right now.