Sample & Hold filter

For anyone who wants to make a keytracked bitcrushed effect for yoi basses, donks or plucks.

I’m not really liking the downsample distortion since I want my screechy high-end to follow the pitch of my notes. The free synth Surge has a S&H filter which I can keytrack and I believe Xfer’s Serum has this too. I hope you can add this filter in a future update.

what do you want to modulate with keytrack?

i think this should be possible.

Oh. Never tried it yet. You sure keytrack works on downsample?

And besides, a sample & hold filter would save one’s distortion module.

sorry i don´t understand what exactly you are trying to do.

what is a sample&hold filter doing, couldn´t find info on that.

you can connect note with distortion drive, so you have more or less distortion on higher notes. don´t know if thats what you want.

you can do a lot of stuff with mod matrix. maybe it´s possible to “rebuild” the s&h filter somhow.

There are different methods to achieve this. On oscillator level, you can use the Quantize mode and key track it by dragging a modulation from the NOTE slot to the amount of Quantize. Before letting go of the mouse button, adjust the amount with the mouse wheel. Negative amounts are possible.

In the effects section you can use the distortion module in Downsample mode, or Bitcrush mode. The modulation of the drive is achieved in the same way as in the first example.

It just depends on what you want to do. If you want more bitcrushing (i.e. less resolution) with higher pitch use positive keytracking. Else use it the other way around.
Just experiment around. And if you get a cool sound, feel free to post it here.

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The only difference is that instead of percentage or decibels I can use Hz values which i find more convenient and I can save the distortion when I need it.