Sample clicking loop

Im not pretty sure if this is a bug but I think it affects the creation of sounds, i choose a perfect loop sample in SMP, but Vital make a clicky noise when it loops, thing that doesn’t happen in a regular sampler, i hope it gets fixed in the future. Thanks! :sweat_smile:

Here a video showing the problem:

Could you check if that sample on both the start and then end have a value of 0db? I think this is most likely due to a fade which DirectWave applies

ohh i cheked and it doesn’t, but still rare that doesn’t applies that feature, i made a sample with 0db at the start and end, and the clicky noise is still there (but in minimum volume)
here the video:
honestly i would really like that you guys improve that aspect since I love this plugin :grin:

I can confirm samples that play fine in other plugins do not loop properly in Vital. At least the ones I’ve tried so far.

Hmm wondering if this is an oversampling issue. Does it click if you’re in 1x oversampling (in the advanced panel)

Yes the click still happens here at 1x Oversampling.

I’m only a novice to plugin development, but could this be an ASIO issue?

No I think it’s an issue in how Vital is interpreting the loop points embedded in a sample.

Confirming this happens for me as well, even with a file that is literally just a constant DC offset. Doesn’t happen with Sample Bounce enabled but Sample Loop disabled. Perhaps it’s interpolating something other than the provided sample content at some stage?

Weird. I have some samples without any ticks and some of them don’t sound a tick when looped and some do. I have no explanation. Going to try a clean SINE wave

EDIT: With a Slow sine (around 20 Hz), i have no clicks up until +2 octaves. After that i can hear clicks