SAMMO - Eclipse for Vital (30 Presets, 10 LFO shapes, 1 custom skin)

Eclipse is a premium soundset for Vital featuring 30 carefully crafted Vital presets tailored for the modern electronic and bass music producer. Designed with versatility, diversity and usability in mind, you will find in this pack a wide variety of sounds spanning various genres - be it heavy dubstep basses or luscious, soothing pads for ambient music, these presets are sure to provide you with inspiration and elevate your productions! Besides the Vital presets, I’ve also included 10 LFO shapes that you may find useful when you’re designing your own sounds in Vital and my custom Vital skin “Dark Rose”. This soundset demonstrates the capability and power of this free, yet incredible synth. Available now in my online store for only $4.95.

Pack contents: 30 Vital presets (basses, pads, leads, plucks, keys), 10 LFO shapes, 1 Vital skin

Learn more about the pack here:

Enjoy! :grinning: