RingMod/FreqShifter in Effects (PLEASE)

Maybe even have this option for each OSC as well. PhasePlant has frequency adjustment (Hz up or down) on each OSC and it is great for making a broader range of sounds. RingMod helps a lot with creating more magical or game effects oriented sounds.

Vital has ringmod, it’s labeled as ‘RM osc’ in the wavetable distortion modes.

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As a work around, which may not be helpful, but you could build your patch to the point where your next step is ringmod and resynthesize the preset into a wave table, and then RM the osc maybe? Or export was wav into the sample and mess with it there?

That doesn’t sound like the RingMod effect I’m used to at all. Where do I set the frequency? Do I just use a sine wave and pitch that?

I’m also forced to listen to the Modulator signal, which isn’t great…

Turn down the volume of the modulator osc

Yes, it makes it much more flexible that way

could there just be another mode added to the LFO for Hz that runs from 0 to 20k?
edit: i do think an osc already should be able to do RM. but MDA’s ring mod has a nice feature, feedback, and that’s something that I’m not sure can be done in Vital. Same with some FM synths. But it makes me wonder if there’s some way to employ the feedback principle, maybe by modulating oscillator 3 with oscillator 2 and then modulating osc 1 with osc 3?