Reverb Size/Algorithm

Hey everyone,

I’d love to know a little bit more about ‘behind the scenes’ as it were for the Reverb module.

Does anyone know more about the algorithm used here?

My question is more specifically about the Size knob. Would this be going through different algorithms, or is this simply adjusting the high frequency reflections, or something like that, for the appearance of changing shape?

In my mind using the size knob, at 0 provides a more “plate” response, 25% more “small room vibes”, 50%/ default more a “large chamber/Hall” vibes and 75%+ “large hall/ large ambient space” etc.

I would assume the module is simply one “Hall” type reverb with size effecting the reflections (or early reflections? I’m not a reverb coder sorry lol)
I tend to keep the size around 50% as I think it has the nicest overall sound for the reverb. That said I occasionally go for a 0-25 value for a smaller room type vibe on say, some bass stabs.
I don’t often use 50-75+ although it’s nice, I find other reverbs a bit better for big ambient or long decays. Of course, I find using the decay time in combination with the size essential for getting the right sound (I.e. Big size = longer time)