Resynthesis with filter

Hello! I wanna ask something that drives me mad because i think i’m doing something wrong…
When i try to resynthesis with a filter on, for example, a low pass filter, when i resynthesize it, it has not even close results. its like i cut many frequencies from a sound and i let only the lower ones and when i resynthesize it, it has a lot of high harmonics too…
And i wanted so many things to do with formant filters and other kind of filters but i stuck even with the simplest one… =/ what am i doing wrong?

My money is on, you’re not setting the keytracking to 100%
To resynthesize it samples a very low note, therefore, if your filter frequency is independent of the note, it is very likely, if it’s a lowpass filter to give you a lot more high armonics than desired

Hey, I’m still having issues with this. Is there a way to include filters in the resynth option? Even with keytracking, the sound isn’t the same.

Sorry for the late response, I’m not too much on this forum unfortunately;
There could be many explainations; interpolation could play a role, but more critically imho stereo opening and/or pitch variations, WTs are mono, so if you resynthesize a sound with some unison and stereo opening, it won’t carry that information in the resulting wavetable. If that is not the case well… I wouldn’t know what to say.