Reproduceable Undo Crash [Bitwig 4.4 + Vital 1.5.4]

MacOS 12.6 | Bitwig 4.4 | Vital 1.5.4

How to reproduce:

  1. Init Patch
  2. Turn on Filter 1
  3. Add modulation from LFO1 > Filter 1 Freq
  4. Right Click LFO1 modulation > Remove modulation
  5. Click Undo x3

For me this is a reliable reproduction of the crash. Any questions just ask!

yes, i can confirm the crashes with logic 10.5.1 under mojave
and hostingAU

in hosting it needs another 4th undo click sonewhere in the upper presetbrowser-field-area

i have crash reports saved in case of interest

Ahhh forgot to put the right click options into the undo stack.
Will be fixed in the next update.

Thanks for the report!