Render oscillator warp

Would be nice to render an oscillator function. So I could say use pulse and also fm on the same oscillator. Can only use one or the other at the min.

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Great job on the synth though. Feel it needs small tweaks and it will be at the top of the range!!

You could work around it for now by resampling the PWM (or other WT Dist effect) from 0-Max on your WT of choice to a new WT… an imperfect solution, but not terrible!

yeah like you said an imperfect solution. don’t really like resampling that much in synths. depends what for. find it looses quality. matter of taste tho. nice one to dude

This is already possible though! If you assign the changes which you’d wish to make to an LFO with roughly the length of 4 seconds at the moment you can then right click an oscillator and there will be an option to ‘Resynthesize Preset to Wavetable’

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yeah just looses quality I find. not for me.

Why and in what stage should this loose quality?

Just find it doesn’t sound the same myself. Serum renders warp oscillator aswell as resample. More than likely for that reason. Just sounds glitchy to my ear. Not for me as Iv said before. Each to their own