Renamed .vitalbank not loading

I have a few sound sets which don’t present as banks, just individual presets. I can load these one at a time but is there a way to convert these presets into a bank?

I saw a tutorial which suggested zipping the folder and renaming it xyz.vitalbank and then importing as normal but this does not work here (on an M2 Mac)


Maybe you are missing a Presets folder within the zip file. When you open the zip file with a zip editor, you must see the following folder structure:

Bank name/Presets/First preset.vital
Bank name/Presets/Second preset.vital

Once the zip file has the correct structure, you can rename it to .vitalbank and import that. If the zip file does not have the correct structure, it will be unzipped in your Vital folder, but since the file do not end up in the correct location, Vital will not find them.

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Sure, I’ll give that a go, cheerz

So I did exactly what you recommended, first creating a Preset folder, then zipping and changing the extension to .vitalbank but still no joy.

When I go to Import in Standalone the file is greyed out.

I’m on OS Sonoma, could that be the problem maybe?

Plus I notice that when I change the .zip to .vitalbank the Zip icon does not change to the Vital logo.

To be perfectly clear, the zip file must contain a folder that has the name of your bank, then a Presets folder inside of that, then the .vital files inside the Presets folder.

Another way to illustrate that:

Bank name
\_ Presets
   \_ First preset.vital
      Second preset.vital

This should be in Bank then renamed to Bank name.vitalbank.

I don’t think the OS and icon will matter in this case.

Yup, thanks for the clarification but that’s exactly the folder structure I set up, ie folder with bank name with a Presets folder inside that and then the presets inside that folder. Then I zip it and rename .vitalbank.

Could it be the Mac Zip utility, maybe I should try a 3rd party Zip, I’ll try this and report back

I don’t know about Mac but in Windows I would just move the desired ‘.vital’ files into the 'Documents \ Vital \ Presets' folder instead of trying to create a ‘.vitalbank’ file to import.

Tweaker, cool for the suggestion, I think I may have cracked it though. For the first time I’ve got the Vital icon on my zipped .vitalbank. I did this by using ‘get info’ and changing the extension in the ‘get info’ window as opposed to just changing the extension on the zipped file itself (if that makes sense). Will report back, holding my breath here…

working A OK now ;-))

big thanks to adrien & Tweaker