Rename (and recolor) LFOs and Envelopes

I think it would be great to be able to rename (and perhaps even recolor) the LFO and Envelopes (so instead of Env 1, be able to rename it to Amp Env) or rename LFO 1 to “Filter Wobble”, similar to the ways that macros can be renamed. This renaming/recoloring would be per-preset. This would make it easier to understand our own presets as well as make the architecture more clear to 3rd party presets.


Are you talking about renaming the lfo, or how it appears in the mod matrix?

I was talking about renaming the LFO on the GUI, similar to the way Macros can be renamed.


Oh, that’s a good idea!

Good idea, but would be advisable to not make any of the presets that come with the synth with renamed LFOs. More confusion/ work for the user, just name LFO4 to ‘rename me’

Is there a way to do this yet? Like a plugin or something. I’d really like to as I’m confusing myself remembering what ENV goes to what component of my kickdrum simulation

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This should definitely be a thing. Also when you’re modulating modulations instead of it listing some targets as “Modulation 2” or “Modulation 8”, if Vital can generate a relevant name, the user should be able to rename them. The number of times I have moused over a modulation indicator to see what it was modulating only to be greeted by, ‘Modulation 3’.

It ought not be necessary to go to the Matrix to find this information. (also highlighting the relevant modulation the same say parameters get highlighted when you mouse over their modulation indicator would be useful).