Removing author name work around

Remove the Author name by removing the patches from the folders they are stored in and placing them into a folder titled > Preset inside another folder called “what ever name you give it e.g. presets” yes you need 2x folders.

— Work around instructions READ FIRST

  • Find path where your presets are saved, this will be where your USER presets are stored. You can find this by clicking on save preset. It will show you a path to your USER folder.

  • Inside the root folder, you will see several folders named according to the author (at least in the Basic version it is).

  • create a new folder called PRESETS

  • Go into each folder. There you will see another folder named Presets.

  • Open this PRESETS folder up and there, you will see the patches from that author

  • Remove patchers (or copy) and place in the root directory/folder where you found the author folder (thats next level back up) called PRESETS and inside the other 2nd Preset folder.

  • Now repeat the process for all other author files by going into their respective Preset folders and removing the patches and placing them into the folder Presets in the main directory (you just placed there).

  • rinse and repeat for all other author folders.

Once you have done that you will need to remove all folders i.e. author named folders out of the main directory so they don’t show in Vital.

You now should have one folder with all patches in.


  • A good idea would be to keep the patches intact and simply copy the Presets into one folder out of root directory, that why if you don’t like an endless folder you can simply, place the folders back into the main root folder (originally where found author folders)

  • If you don’t want the author folders to show in Vital remember to remove the author titled folders out of the root folder, so they don’t show in Vital. … I think I just said that…

Hope the work around is clear, I’m typing as I’m thinking…


Curious what your user goal here might be?

  • Someone asked how to do it.
  • Less clicks if you know the patch name.
  • Also if you want to customise your folders, use similar method.

Hope that answers you curiosity :slight_smile: