Remember last 5 tunings

i exclusively make music with alternate tunings, and it’s annoying to have to browse around for the same tuning file each time i add another vital instance. if vital was able to remember the last 5 loaded tunings, i would only need to browse for a tuning once, or if i decided to use another. maybe have submenus to show the included tunings and the recent tunings, and allow users to configure the number of recent tunings shown, or maybe even allow users to load in a tuning folder (like with wavetables) and have a recent and favorites folder in that, along with a factory folder.


+1 and yes

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Isn’t this possible with Tuning in the Advanced section ?

yes you can load alternate tunings in the advanced section, but the request it to make vital remember the last 5 that were used and thus make it easier to load them in

This still isn’t possible in any way, right?

It would be perfect to have a folder to put all the tuning files so they appear besides the 3 original presets.

@alixp. I love to know where you are finding the tuning files that you spoke about.

I am interested in the same thing.

i have gotten some from various sources but also made most with this site