Release Velocity as Mod Source [SOLVED!]

Release-Velocity is very effective for controlling release times.

The typical application is to set longer release times to lower release velocities, and short release times for higher release velocities. It’s a very naturally expressive feel.

It’s also cool to be able to assign a sound to play on key-up and use the release-velocity to control those dynamics.

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I believe the LIFT parameter is what you’re looking for

I’m still very new to the UI, so I don’t really know how to get started yet.

What I am looking for is to have RELEASE VELOCITY listed in the matrics mod source list.

The other thing about having notes respond on key-up rather than key down is another thing I’d like to see.

I don’t know what LIFT is or how it works, but I really look forward to learning this synth. It sounds so good!

LIFT is Roli parlance for MIDI Release velocity. It sits next to VELOCITY in the UI’s lower right hand corner. It is part of the MIDI 1.0 spec, so not an MPE/Roli extension. If your keyboard has it (many do), that’s where it should show up

I just came back here to post that I figured it out.

Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction. It took a moment to work out the flipping the polarity/direction of the modulation, but I figured it out.


THANKS for the quick & easy answer.

Is there a method for having a note trigger on key-up?

There is no note-off trigger or second (louder) release stage on the envelopes. A one shot LFO trigger option on release would have been nice

Put the lfo to envelope release mod, it start at note off and the cool thing is you can shape your lfo curve for maximum flexibility!

Actually there is a workaround for note-off trigger. The envelopes can be applied with a negative value, so that an envelope with instant attack and release, as well as sustain at max, will mute whatever it was you directed it to until the key is released again. Hey presto! Instant mandolin fever

The other workaround is that the LFO’s can act like envelopes-- and trigger on release! So more than one way to get at this!!

I was surprised to see in one of the videos that if you assign a parameter to the 3rd Envelope or 4th LFO, others will start to appear. Up to 6 envelopes, up to 8 LFO’s!!!

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How do you get the LFOs to trigger on release? I have:

(note on) Trigger
(tempo) Sync
(single shot) Envelope
(single shot) Sustain Envelope … Hmm? … Ah! Now I get it - the LFO halts, and you can shape the befores and afters of the halting point as you please :slight_smile:

Thank You