Reinstalling Vital from experimental to stable version gone wrong

I use vital for about half of sound of my projects, and yesterday Vital just keep crashing my project, i cant even open it now (only from old backup). I had problems with Vital before but not that gamebreaking.
All the time i used experimental version so i wanted to switch to stable branch. I backed up my vital folder and just installed stable version, project was working everything was fine but my samples didnt load to that project, every vital preset i had in project was “initial preset”.
I tried copying old vital folder back but nothing changed, so i installed experimental back and voila samples are back everything worked fine but on that old backup only.
I dont want to use experimental version anymore this is not first time it bugs the entire FL studio but now i cant figure it out myself.
I guess there is some “settings” that are on different location on stable and experimental but idk and can’t find it.
I just want to use stable version with everything i’ve already done not from scrach.
Hope someone of you can help me.

Also when i tried to load back the presets to where i want them it said to me “I can’t load this preset because it was loaded with newer version” so i deleted whole preset bank, all setting i found in the same folder and some other config files in Roaming, imported back the preset bank and it said the same error message but i loaded it in stable branch.