Redcue Amplitde (Gain?) of Resonating Filter?

I love how Vital’s filters resonate when pushed, but sometimes I’d like to keep the resonance but reduce the amplitude, or perhaps Gain is the more correct term, anyone have suggestions on how to do that?

I’ve tried using Vital’s EQ Effects Filter and EQ on the Instrument Channel, etc. I’ve not found a way to do this I consider successful. Any suggestions? Could this be feature request?

I want the filter to resonate and create a distinct pitch, but also want to reduce the loudness of it.


You could turn down the volume of the oscillator(s)?

I don’t want to turn OSC level down, I just want to reduce the amplitude of the resonant filter’s ring. Just now I’m thinking about trying some multi-band compression or maybe a dynamic EQ. Working on it.

Adjust the filter Mix level?

you could use Filter2 as loudness attenuator:

Filter1 has your resonator ringing
Filter2 has as input (only) Filter1
analog12db and cutoff at lowest -> the “silent” state
then blend with “MIX” between “silent” and “ringing” state

but, yes: the filters seem to miss a volume knob (like in pigments for example)

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Thanks, that sounds like a good idea. I’ll try it. I didn’t know Pigments had such a feature. Perhaps Vital will include this in a future version. Cheers.

in pigment there is OSC volume then routing (serial or parallel) and then (additionally) Filter volume

u-he Hive seems also to feature extre filter volume
and u-he ACE via repatching the normalized via a signal mixer
probably zebra too…

there don’t seem to be a lot that can do this but a few…

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as far as i can see (from them that i have)
freeware surge and odin seem to be able to do that
and (commercial) serum has a volume post filter

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Two of my favorite and I think the best free instruments going, along with Vital, of course. Surge in particular is so good I’m almost surprised it is free. Omnisphere has a Gain control for the filter which itself may be modulated from any of a zillion sources…

Perhaps some future iteration of Vital will incorporate this some how.

Thanks for the tips and information. :slight_smile:

to my understanding, aka “normally”, “gain” control would be a “pre” thingie imho
but might be different (don’t know omnisphere that good) -> ymmv

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The gain lets you control the filter output level, but it’s not going to reduce just the resonating component of the filter, but, perhaps with some kind of modulation set-up it would be possible to duck the gain when a resonating harmonic appears…

I think working on this from a whole channel set-up may be what I actually should do – EQ, compression, etc. Still, it would be good if Vital had some internal control similar to the other synths you mentioned.

I worked with this as suggested and it is almost right but not exactly. At very low Mix settings I can reduce the filter output, but not the ringing frequencies per se. I’ll keep working on it.