Recognize the original audio file

I like to work with my own sounds and I would like them to be recognizable. Does Vital allow this?
I can’t find the setting.

When inserting the audio file, what is better to choose: wavetable, vocode, or pitch splice?
I assigned a LFO on the frame, (Saw Up), set the trigger mode and the setting in seconds with the file duration. And whatever the file format (wavetable, vocode, or pitch splice), it doesn’t work.
If anyone has an idea…, thanks a lot !

Right-click the document then select “Properties.” Under the General Tab in the Properties window, the record design is displayed as “Kind of File.” You can likewise see the document’s size and creation date in this tab. To check the bitrate, length, click the “Subtleties” Tab.

Thanks for your answer. I don’t understand what you call document, is it the audio file ? and if this is the audio file, where do you click ? When I try to click on the image of the audio file in the windows, I don’t see “Properties”.

Actually my question is is there a typical setting that allows to recognize the original audio file?
Sometimes I recognize a little but never really.
What parameters should I set for this?
There are three formats: wavetable, vocode, or pitch splice.
I tried to put the duration (in seconds) in Frequency of the LFO identical to the duration of the file (a few seconds).
The sound is approaching, but it is still far away.
If you have a more complete or more direct way, I would be very grateful! Thanks to you !