Reason 10 issues using Vital

Hi guys.

I’m fairly a new user of Vital. I started using it with my DAW Reason 10 back in January 2022. Had no issues loading it up, managed to start four tracks with various Vital sounds.

I went to revisit these projects and Reason had switched off Vital, I was also unable to switch them back on in the plug in management section of Reason. I’ve tried to uninstall Vital, and I’ve also google the problem but not had much luck.

Strangely I can still open vital as a stand along on my Mac, but not as a VST

Am I missing something here? It’s just very odd as I’ve not updated anything since I first introduced the synth.

If anyone has any suggestions, or can put me onto a post with the same problem, that would be great.

Many thanks :blush: