Reaper and TTWT sounding good!

Hi folks. A bit of feedback using Vital in Reaper.
The installation (subscription version) worked perfectly as did Vital (Standalone and in Reaper). Added the (purchased) In The Mix preset pack - very straightforward - just unzipped them into the preset location.

I found that having 2 Vital tracks running crapped the cpu if I had the vst windows open (WIndows 10, i7 quad core processor, 32 GB Ram). But if I closed the Vital GUIs it was fine.
So far I’m loving it!!

I made a quick Text to Wavetable ‘song’. Not very imaginative - just the chord names :slight_smile:

“CMaj7 Bb add9 F add9 F add9/G” (from Genesis “Throwing it all away”)

Have fun everyone!

Dave in Adelaide Australia.

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That was supposed to be an embed player but it made it into a link :open_mouth:

I made one too but all it says is Text to Wavetable lol

Linguae · Text To Wavetable

Well i guess i can’t do it right lmao

I’m not sure what you’re doing wrong. I just used the upload button ( along the top, 7th icon from the left) and uploaded my mp3 file.
It automatically came out as an embedded player. :play_or_pause_button: