Real Spectral painting&editing Mode

It would be nice to create or edit sounds with a real Spectral Editor (now you just can edit waveforms and additive synthesis editing), where you can paint and draw with different sizes, opacities, eraser tool, also with different sizes and opacities. (the opacity is dB, the vertical height is pitch and the horizontal lenght is time)
The vertical grid represents notes if it is synced, if not it is Hertz.
You can also draw lines and stacked harmonic lines, with odd/even harmonics on the top or just 12th, 5th, 4th or 3th if wanted. BUT these harmonic lines get more quiet in higher spectrums because what has the same dB in lower spectrums seems to be louder in higher spectrums.
Also a seperate undo feature for this mode.
Importing images could be also possible, and a relative loudness assignment as higher in the spectrum you paint if needed.
There is a discontinued synth named Alchemy (now just for Logic users), I have and it has that function but not the functions which Vital has.
You can also edit every waveform you want.

And not to forget: The smallest increment is a fundamental sine. You can also set the brush just with specific harmonics of the fundamental if you want or a thick brush stroke means a stack of sines.

Very important:
Saving it with the project if used as VST plugin, no seperate saving required!


great idea ! think vital would hook up nicely as additive synth . Wavetable is a form of addictive , keep forgetting how this works , your idea with a paint brush is genius