Re-create famous sounds with Vital?

Hi! Anyone interested to re-create some famous sounds with Vital and maybe show hot to make these sounds on YouTube videos/tutorials?
Something like the classic Faithless Insomnia sound?
Or Tiesto’s Urban train or Da Hool’s Meet Her At The Love Parade… So many awesome sounds out there :slight_smile: I think tutorials like these would be very cool way to learn Vita l + spread the info of how amazing synth Vital is and how many stuff it can do :heart_eyes:

I would love to - but I don’t know how :pleading_face:

You should be able to find Youtube tutorials for pretty much any sound that’s considered anthemic. Just not specifically for Vital. But the theory will be the same. You just need to reapply it to Vital’s workflow.

Generally all you’ll need is a synth with 2 oscillators, some modulation sources and a filter and Vital has more than enough to cover that.

I think the for the classic Insomnia sound they took sampled pizzicato strings and drowned them in reverb. I gave it a try, to emulate the strings with unison saws and squares, a little comb filtering an a good dose of reverb. It should at least be recognizable.
Weak of Faith - Sleep-deprived.vital (245.2 KB)