Ratio values for the compressor

Hi :)!
I find the view of the lines in the compressor for ratio very unusual. I first wished me an in/out X-Y view (as we are used to), but I understand if it doesn’t quite fit in the view and would also change too much.
But it would be very helpful if the ratio value would be displayed during adjusting. So you have some idea how steep the bend is now.

An indicator could also be very useful where the highest volume point is, simply as another line (here the white horizontal line):

Thank you!


The lines on the band are the ‘compressed’ lines that correspond to the lines outside the bands (I think they’re 6db each).

I never really like the x/y graph because I’m not really good at eyeballing slopes. The inside/outside band ‘distance between lines’ I could always ready better by glancing at the compressor.

I’ll think about marking 0dB and whatever the bottom db line as special markers on the band tho.


Thank you for the fast reply! Yeah the marker would be nice :slight_smile: .
I’ve seen a nice compromise (showing as several diagonal lines):

I don’t know how difficult it would be to implement this.
But seeing a clear boundary would help a lot. Thank you!

PS: Wow, I wasn’t aware of the lines outside :upside_down_face:

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Yeah I agree, it would be great to see the ratio values when adjusting the knobs. I don’t think they have to display above necessarily, but it would be helpful to see them represented in the VST status bar as 4:1 or something.