Randomize Wavetable please!

I would love to see a random wavetable generator added to Vital.

Right click and select,

Harmonics Low>High - From Bass To Bright
Harmonics High>Low - From Bright To Bass
Formant - Random Formant Waves

and any other mathematically reasonable wavetable types.

Right click in the wave editor and randomize harmonics across the table please.


Great idea. Would be awesome to be able to randomly modulate a wavetable too so that every random hit is a new randomly generated wavetable!

OK, I just found out that in the wavetable editor you can right click and randomize already, but only in single frames and there are no randomization logic’s or styles, please update this randomize to be able to randomize and 8/16/32/64 and 128 frame full wavetables and add some randomization logics to it.


This synth is amazing.

Vital has a 2 warp function and a random blocks - this solves the problem. There is random and randomization logic (warp).

Better to see more warp methods and filters in updates.

I don’t see the warp functions as being the answer to this request, the random amplitudes warp is ok but it doesn’t offer what I’m really looking for.

Then I can only advise only to randomize the wave in several keyframes (for example, every 16 frames) and add a modifier “frequency filter” if you want to control the level of low and high harmonics.

(sorry if it’s badly written - I don’t speak English well)

I don’t necessarily mean hi, low harmonics in the filtering sense, but more as an average of frequency strentgth.

Here’s an example of what I mean.

Frame one has lots of high harmonic content.

Frame 2 has less harmonic content but it’s been lessened in a way that is not the same as filtering from the top down, we’ll say %10 of the high harmonics have been removed, and the remaining %90 are %10 to %20 less powerful, this is a result that filtering cannot produce.

Issue 2.

Randomizing each frame individually creates an inconsistency in the transition, being able to randomize 8 or 16 frames at one is better.

From frame 1 to 2 we remove %5 of the overall harmonics and lessen the rest above the fundamental by %5 to %10, then to frame 3 we repeat this process and remove %5 of harmonics and lessen the rest by %5 to %10.

But all of the harmonics are adjusted at random, not just from the top down like a filter.

There is no way currently to achieve this type of morphing through modifiers.

Does this make sense?