Random patches by 05deg

I decided to make a single topic for all my patches from here on.

Today, take this evolving nonsense!
05deg - Murky Pad.vital (247.5 KB)

Older things:
Noise generator with controls
Modeled crickets

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Also a couple of oldies as I’m not sure there’ll be others this month:

With no macros—but you do add!:
05deg - Small Bells 2022-10-11.vital (258.6 KB)

With macros and mod wheel:
05deg - Bass Thing 2022-11-29.vital (150.9 KB)
05deg - Super Moving Pad 2022-12-08.vital (367.8 KB)

Have fun! :musical_keyboard:

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Atonal/sfx patch again:
05deg - Noisy Pingy Collage.vital (277.1 KB)

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I was listening to a chillout-ish track where saw-ish thing is swept this way and that in a relaxed wavy fashion and I thought to use a drone with Karplus—Strong method. Well you guess how it went. As usual, there’s a degree of nondeterminism in there; randoms and LFOs with randomized rates—but hopefully still a feeling of continuity and smoothness.

Mod wheel—OK, but all the macros are left for you to define!
05deg - Karminus-Weak Repeater.vital (171.9 KB)

A dynamic shimmering pad with macros:
05deg - Lo-Fi Noisy Sparkly Pad.vital (288.3 KB)

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Just silly stuff. Tried to approximate the classic doo doo sound with text-to-wavetable. It ended up as its own patch, not much alike but still useful. You can tweak the timbre with a macro.
05deg_-_Doo_Doo.vital (75.1 KB)

Then I got a bunch of real “doo” samples from a General MIDI soundfont, and tried to make wavetables from them. One was okayish. Widened its usefulness by adding formant shifting; also added a little breathiness via noise and reverb. No macros. Also I probably forgot to add vel sensitivity oops.
05deg - Doo Doo 2.vital (305.8 KB)

Have fun!

Another noise generator, this time shot noise like rain on polymers or snow-like hail particles on leaves:

05deg - Shot Noise.vital (1.9 MB)

The size is probably because I chose to use “River” factory sample though pink noise should be almost as good. River adds some variation though.

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Sorry I completely forgot about this topic. Here take it:

Just a take on the staple analog-ish sfx, each note randomized a bit:
05deg - Sci-Fi Bubbling.vital (170.6 KB)

Bell-like mallet-y sounds made with no prior thought while testing a wavetable I made; glitchy tail:
05deg - Glitchy Bells.vital (164.9 KB)

Finally, the monster swell. It too wasn’t planned, I just played around and heard a lively string section:
05deg - CPU-Hungry Lush Strings.vital (661.4 KB)

IDK if the last one is actually CPU-hungry but by all means it should be. Three LFOs modulate each other’s frequencies (but that was not enough so I added a random modulator to that). And if anybody makes the same sound with a plan in mind and more economically, please be my guest, I’m always in for more realistic string patches! :violin::headphones:

I’m always in for more realistic string patches!

Here’s a small something I’m currently working on based on the techniques Audio Modeling use for SWAM (where you break a sampled sound into a series of very short stages and use a performance-driven model to drive the presence of each stage). Vital’s Vocode mode really helps this retain some of the “resonant body” characteristics of the cello, in order to do what Audio Modeling does I think you’d need to very accurately capture the unamplified violin string tone (raw with all the natural partials) and then use a resonant model of the instrument body for “tone”, whereas I can’t do that since my only baseline is finding an audio recording of a cello.

It’s pretty interesting though, the main shortcoming is how I’ve got it set up to express itself (I feel like I’d need more CC-driven parameters and an MPE controller to make it really shine, but then of course the SWAM stuff is much the same way, it sounds fake if you don’t PLAY it like an instrument)

SimpleCello.vital (196.6 KB)

Anyway, “lush” is not how I’d describe it but I think it’s a decent start

EDIT: updated patch with more expressive control and some other timbral stuff

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Anyway, “lush” is not how I’d describe it but I think it’s a decent start

That’s definitely very decent sound, very cello! Expecting solo instruments to be harder to approximate than sections playing in unison, I haven’t even thought to ask about a patch like this. This definitely will be useful, especially for long sustained notes I expect of myself.