Random patches by 05deg

I decided to make a single topic for all my patches from here on.

Today, take this evolving nonsense!
05deg - Murky Pad.vital (247.5 KB)

Older things:
Noise generator with controls
Modeled crickets

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Also a couple of oldies as I’m not sure there’ll be others this month:

With no macros—but you do add!:
05deg - Small Bells 2022-10-11.vital (258.6 KB)

With macros and mod wheel:
05deg - Bass Thing 2022-11-29.vital (150.9 KB)
05deg - Super Moving Pad 2022-12-08.vital (367.8 KB)

Have fun! :musical_keyboard:

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Atonal/sfx patch again:
05deg - Noisy Pingy Collage.vital (277.1 KB)

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I was listening to a chillout-ish track where saw-ish thing is swept this way and that in a relaxed wavy fashion and I thought to use a drone with Karplus—Strong method. Well you guess how it went. As usual, there’s a degree of nondeterminism in there; randoms and LFOs with randomized rates—but hopefully still a feeling of continuity and smoothness.

Mod wheel—OK, but all the macros are left for you to define!
05deg - Karminus-Weak Repeater.vital (171.9 KB)

A dynamic shimmering pad with macros:
05deg - Lo-Fi Noisy Sparkly Pad.vital (288.3 KB)

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