Random, midi assignment and rate

Hello again,
My 2nd question is about Random, midi assignment and rate.

I would like to make midi assignment to Random 1 or 2 and control the rate of the parameters to which I apply it (globally, i.e. on all the parameters, and on each parameter independently).
I didn’t find how to do this and I didn’t find the information on forum and notice.
Is it possible? Could you help me?
I tried to go through the macros but it didn’t keep the group logic.

Thanks a lot for your help

Could you clarify what you mean by

(globally, i.e. on all the parameters, and on each parameter independently)

Thanks for your reply.
Here is a copy of screen. In this case, in the Random 1, there are 3 parameters including Oscillator 1 Level, LFO 4 smooth time, and Modulation 12 amount. Theses are the paramaters and I would like be able modify them separatly. (Is it with the rate in the Matrix? But as I don’t hear always the effect, I have a doubt it’s ok.)
and when I wrote for all the parameters, I mean, is there a kind of master of the Random 1 ?
Thanks again

Are you trying to control the random 1 rate for each modulation separately? or control the modulation strength of each modulation separately/together?

If your trying to control the mod strength/amount, you just have to set the modulation amount to 0 and modulate the modulation amount with a Macro, or other source.

Sorry, this question is just really confusing.