Random LFO ideas

Idea 1: When editing LFO rate in seconds, have a readout that calculates what you need to set the project tempo to so that the metronome and LFO are perfectly synced

Idea 2: AHDSR for LFOs so we can adjust their shape in real time

Idea 3: Ability to FM/RM LFOs with each other for more complex modulation

Idea 4: Negative LFO speed (LFOs can run in reverse)

Oh and wavetable LFOs, but that’s a long shot

Something like serum where you can modulate the LFO points would be great, like your idea 2.
Also love the negative LFO idea, but I think you might be able to achieve this by modulating the LFO phase with an additional LFO or adjusting the Mod matrix?

Not sure I understand your first idea, wouldn’t that just be the tempo synced modes? I usually have a chrome bookmark for that website that can convert bpm to seconds though I’m often referencing it!