Racing car driving away

Hello peepz. I’m trying to create a feature in a car engine patch. The engine acelerates with note on, all good until here. What I would like to happen is when note is off the patch would produce a sound resembling the car going away, imagine like a foruma one car passing by. Not really just the pitch of the engine going back down again. Any ideas?


Figured it out, not so complicated, hope this example helps who might b wondering the same

Car engine going away when note off.vital (170.6 KB)

Wouldn’t it be better to raise the volume further at the moment of note-off?
For example, using the LFO’s SustainEnvelop to additionally control the volume.

Hey thanks for your reply! In this case no, because when an engine passes by you, when it leaves, its not the volume that rises , its the pitch that drops and the reverb that changes. All the best

Envelope modulates tuning. Attack increases pitch and then after you release the key the pitch will fall with release of the envelope

Doppler effect.