/r/edmproduction preset contest!

Check out the preset design contest we’re having at reddit, get involved and help contribute to a free community oriented preset bundle!


I don’t expect to win anything, it’s kinda random who gets viewership or praise!

Hope to expand the art of this awesome synth! Get my grubby hands on it, learn what I can do with the free versions.

My deal is crafting games, films, comic books, 3D / 2D art, sculptures, 3D prints, the whole shebang. I want to turn THAT into lessons for people with a limited or no budget (other than having a laptop / mouse).

Reaper, DaVinci Resolve, Aseprite, Krita, Blender, all support this vision!

Vital will join this roster, along with OTT, Camel Crusher, Tal-4 Reverb, Melda Tools, etc.

My hope is with my presets I can make sounds of all varying kinds for me and hopefully others to use.

Building worlds together is a ton of fun!

(World of my game, Breakneck. Planet’s name is Emergence. :wink: )

blender brother (☞゚∀゚)☞

Woop woop! It’s great stuff <3. Blender is the future of 3D, I even used Maya, Lightwave, 3DS Max. Had to learn Maya in animation school since it’s an industry standard. (Blender is way better for indie productions too imho.)

Currently we’re at 27 entries, but I’d love to see more presets made by the Vital community, so visit the thread and start creating :wink:

Have you posted also in the Discord community? There’s some activity there around presets…