Quick Sound Design Question

Okay, so there’s a lead that I’m trying to recreate in Vital. Does anyone know how to create the lead in Porter Robinson’s song “Divinity”? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!:grin:

Also, I don’t fully know what kind of questions go under which category, so I’m sorry if this is under the wrong category.

Assuming you’re talking about the distorted lead in the beginning, it seems to be heavily distorted, chopped vocals and less of a synth sound. Something like this could be achieved in Vital but it would be much easier to grab some vocals, chop them, and then add some distortion in your DAW.

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Ah, ok. Well, just out of curiosity, how would I go about doing this in Vital?

divinity lead.vital (434.9 KB)
This could probably be recreated better with different distortion processing outside of Vital, and using actual vox samples.

I started off by adding two sine waves, the second pitched up and octave, and adding different amounts of unison and detune, setting the unison mode on the first sine to Center Drop 12, getting a range of 3 octaves from one note. My goal from this was to get a lot of harmonics from simple sines to make it rich, but not to the point of whitenoise.

Next I added a default compressor and slight sine fold to further enrich the sound. I also modulated the distortion mix to an env to only get the distorted signal at the start. Then I added a static chorus to widen the sound. To add even more harmonics, I put a Dirty B/P/N with the Drive up half way. Finally, I added a reverb to give some depth.

The recreation is far from perfect, but this is how I would go about making the sound! imo it’s a bit too shrill.

I mean, the original sound is from Fruity LSD, so to be fair, it’s not an easy sound to replicate.