Quick add wavetable folders

I am trying to add wavetable folders and thought I could be crafty by adding them manually to ~/Library/Application Support/vital/vital.config file but each time I re-open the synth, it wants to re-download the factory content and overwrites the file, deleting all the folder paths.

Is there another way to add many wavetable folders quickly and not have to add each one as some folders have many subfolders so its a bit tedious?!

Also, is it a system limitation that folders with >2000 wavetables cant be added?

  1. Create a Folder called Serum in the Vital folder (or whatever you want)
  2. Create a subfolder “Wavetables”
  3. Create a symlink for the whole serum tables folder.
  4. Drop the symlink in to the Wavetables folder created.

PS: This method also works for noises to. Just make a folder “Samples” and symlink your serum noise folder

@SignalFlow : how do I create a symlink? is that the add folder function in Vital?

Thanks, Lex

Are you one PC or Mac?

I tried doing this in terminal with “ln -s [directory from directory to]” but no success. i’m on Mac. this would be great if i could get it to work

i lied, i guess. i figured it out. works great.

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