Questions about the theme editor

Hi, Vital forum users.
I have been making a bunch of themes recently, and I noticed that when I click delete while i am changing a value in the Edit Theme Values section, it deletes the whole value from the entire equation. Is there a way to undo this, other than just reloading the last saved version of the theme?

Similarly, when I delete a color in the Edit Theme Colors section, I can’t seem to undo that either. Is there a workaround?

-Dr. Printer

I use the BACKSPACE key instead of the DELETE key. This way, it will always go back to the factory default number.
If the Value row disappeared after you removed the number, just switch to another category (say from Synth_Section to Slider), and back. Now the disappeared Value should’ve come back.
I think this is just a visual bug since you can see the numbers and the value names are mismatched after removing one of the numbers. Just click away and back should work.