Questions about subscription option

Hi there, enjoying Vital very much! I´m thinking about the subscription to rent to own, can someone clear up these questions for me:

If I buy Pro at some point and cancel the sub, what happens with the “subscription exclusive” wavetables? What if I created presets with those? Or is it only presets that are added to sub? Website doesn´t really say…

Is there an option to only install the Pro content when you subscribe?

FYI I´m on Pro Tools using Vital through Patchwork, so the subscription allows me to cancel if its not stable (looking good so far in smaller projects with the free version)


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Ok, I just checked the “get Vital” page again and now I´m not sure: Does the subscription include the Pro content? I was under the impression, but maybe not? Confused :slight_smile:

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Sub does not include the pro content. You may pay to get the content, but please note that the development seems to have ceased for the time being, people have problems getting replies from the support, and we really don’t know when if ever these will change.