Question before updating from 1.0.x to 1.5.5


I have Vital installed as a VST3 plugin on PC Win10.
Before I update from 1.0.x to 1.5.5 I’d like to ask whether the new version will REPLACE the old one or whether I will have two instances of Vital appearing in my DAW?
If it replaces the previous version is there anything I need to observe in regards to sample banks, user presets? Or was the update seamless for you good folks that already took that step?


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I think Vital had an auto-update feature that got removed (I haven’t seen it anywhere), but as long as you don’t replace the vital.vst3 or .dll you shouldn’t see any replaced instances of Vital in your DAW; However, you will now need to contend with two different versions of Vital to keep straight in your DAW.

As for user presets, anything older will work with anything newer, but not vice-versa.