Question about the subscrition model

Hello Vital community,
I would like to know, how the subscription model actually work?
I´ve read that you will not instantly get more presets compared to the free version, if you subscribe. Is that correct?
And if so, over which time period you get all the other presets and additional wavetables?

I also would like to know, if this is a rent to own option in which I need to pay a certain period of time to get the pro version of Vital? And if so, how many month do I need to pay for it?

The subscription doesn’t include the presets from Plus and Pro. You get subscriber-only exclusive packs, but I’m not sure there is any further detail on how these work yet.

Each month you pay $5 for the subscription and you get $5 in credit. Assuming you don’t spend the credit on wavetable or preset packs, you can save it up and use it toward the cost of Pro ($80).

It would take 16 months at $5 a month before you’ve spent $80 and can redeem Pro for free, but you can upgrade at any time and pay the difference. For example if you subscribe for six months, you’ve paid $30. You can then buy Pro for $50.

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Thanks you a lot Guybrush. That helped me alot!