Question about pricing

Hi not sure who to ask or where but hopefully someone can help

between the monthly $5 plan or the $80 pro plan which offers more features?

I don’t mind doing either but wanna get as many features as possible. I don’t get if the $5 is basically a monthly version of the pro or not? The pro says 400+ presets, which the $5 monthly does not, and the $5 monthly says access to new features and exclusive subscriber only presets, which the pro does not.

So basically which is the most “ultimate” version of vital (taking into account getting as many sound packs as possible)??


Just sub and when you want it you can use your cumulative payment towards paying up for pro.

Please note that t2wt has some problems currently, so don’t count on that. Also, support is slow or nonexistent.

There’s a lot of free presets online on this forum.

Ok but does pro offer more than sub? As far as presets and things like that?

Yup more presets. You don’t know what kind of presets they are though so you’re buying blind.

I notice that it doesn’t say anything about how many wavetables are included in the subscription whereas the pro version has 150 wavetables. Am I missing something?

I’d like to know the answer to this too. Hopefully someone will chime in here.

You’re missing the pro bundle wavetables if you choose the sub. So if you absolutely must get all the pro content rather than finding online what might suit your taste then go and get it.