Question About Envelopes

Hey guys!

I’ve been experimenting with Vital and I hit a road block.

Not sure how this can be done but any advice is welcome. What I have is a pyramid on LFO1 assigned to Filter1’s cutoff.

In my DAW (LMMS) I opened the controller menu (seen on the instrument window as a wrench icon). This displays all the parameters of said instrument in knobs. The LFO1 tempo knob moves smoothly (0.0 to 1.0) without jumping which is a great bonus.

With sustain to max I get perfect control over this effect.

The problem I’m now faced with is I want to now try taking a plucky sound and doing the same thing. When I try it becomes one steady note without fading in and out. I’d like to see if I can get Envelope1 to retrigger as the filter opens up.

Sorry if my parlance is amiss.

Any ideas on how to work around this?

Thanks for your time and for this amazing community. I’ve got a lot to learn but I’m in the right place. :grin:

I’m not sure I understand exactly what you’re wanting to do here… You can’t retrigger envelopes in Vital. I have a couple of solutions but which one will work depends on what you’re actually trying to accomplish.

  1. you can use an LFO as an “envelope”, which may be more useful than the envelope itself. You can program 1, 2, or any arbitrary number of “plucks” if you want to “retrigger” the envelope shape at a certain point, or use the LFO’s looping functionality to make it so (e.g. make a quick pluck that retriggers on the 8th note, and then just loop it)

  2. I kind of get the sense you’re resonating the filter in some way? If so, one thing worth noting is Vital uses Envelope 1 for the voice amplitude AFTER all the per-voice processing. What that means is the Envelope is applied AFTER the (per voice) filter, not before. If you are trying to resonate the filter, you need to use another envelope or LFO to modulate the oscillator volume, rather than using the master voice envelope. That way, the oscillator being fed to the filter will “pluck” but the filter resonance is allowed to ring out according to the voice envelope.

  3. What “mode” is your LFO? You probably want trigger or sync if you’re using it for a sustained effect… certain LFO modes will behave differently when a key is held or released. Though the default LFO mode is trigger so I doubt that’s the issue here, but it never hurts to be sure.

A patch (or a screenshot) would help, so I can understand what the objective is.

I see, very good to knowl. I will play around with those parameters and learn from them.

I figured out the answer to what I was hoping to achieve. I wanted to open and close the filter repeatedly and change the rate (creating a choppy effect).

You can hear this effect in the first 5 seconds of this song: Train 2PD - YouTube

I ended up linking LFO1 to filter cutoff (set level to max) and then opening the toolbar icon in LMMS to access Vital’s controllers in the DAW, then I dragged LFO1 rate into a modulation track.

Somehow in LMMS shifting between the rates is smooth (thank goodness).

Thanks for your time friend! Learning this thing is an undertaking and a half and finding this website was like winning the lottery to me.