Qub1t's vital presets vol2 (free)

Hi, all – I’ve just finished vol2 of my free Vital bank. 100 presets suitable for deep minimal tech house - basses, pads, stabs, etc.



Download vol1 here:


Let me know if you like them (and if you you use them in a project, I’d love to hear it!)

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Is this a preset for version 1.5.1?
Version 1.0.8 causes version errors in some patches.

It wasn’t intended to be. I’d be curious to know which presets are doing this. I didn’t think I was doing anything 1.5-specific.

It seems that files saved with version 1.5.1 cannot be read with 1.0.8.
For example “ba.005.vital”

A simple fix is shown below.
Open the “.vital” file that cannot be read by Ver1.0.8 with a text editor.
Look at the end of the last sentence.
Since it is
You can read it with Ver1.0.8 just by changing to .

New versions of plugins usually bring new features and functions so new presets usually won’t load in older versions for good reasons.

I’d urge caution trying to force new presets to work in an old version. It’s possible they won’t sound as intended and there could be stability issues (a preset calling for a function that may not be present in the old version) and that applies to all plugins not just Vital.

(I’m not sure what feature and function changes were made in Vital between 1.0.8 and 1.5.1)