Purchasing Vital

So if I read correctly, if I do sub for 8 months I would have the Pro version by the Eighth payment. and if i stopped I would lose perks from Sub. don’t get me wrong i love this program I’m just broke mofo :sweat_smile: and have a regular sales job atm.

The subscription is $5 / month not $10 so it would take 16 months to get to the $80 credit. But you can upgrade to Plus at 5 months on the way there and pay the difference to upgrade at any time.

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Thank you so much !!

@Tytel Thank you very much for releasing your awesome synths as Free Software!
To best support your work, do you prefer monthly subscriptions or one-shot Pro buys?

I value all of my customers equally


Go for both if you have the money :slight_smile:

Is there any reason to Subscribe rather than buy Pro? If so, would there be any reason or a way to spend the “$5 store credit” into another month of subscription?

Subscribers get periodic ‘subscriber-only’ packs for free on top of the credit.
I’m aiming to have one out every month don’t have a strict schedule for it.

hello, mr.tytel how is the payment done in the end of each month, there will be a request for paying or it is done automaticly?

It’s done automatically on month cycles so if you subscribed in the middle of the month it will charge you in the middle of next month.