Purchased Subscription, nothing changed

I don’t see any new presets, I also tried downloading the Subscribers Only vitalbanks and importing them but still nothing new shows up. I’m in v1.0.7. Restarted and tried the usual stuff with no luck.
(Also how to get on the discord server etc? I don’t see an email or anything in my account here that helps.)

It takes a while for the PayPal payment to go through, just wait for about a day and It should work.

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/7rfurbv7

If you expand the folders on the bottom left in the preset browser by double clicking on them do you see any Subscriber folders? To clarify the subscription doesn’t come with all the Pro presets.

Here’s the discord link - https://discord.gg/dpZxr98

If you click on “Modify” under at https://account.vital.audio you can link your discord username after you join.

Ah, I see them under that. I was expecting to see a “subscriber” folder on the root. Thanks. :slight_smile: