Psy Sunset Atmo

Hi everyone,

Today I share with you this thing! My new experimental atmo!

I suggest to try it on G0 or lower note :+1:t2:

Enjoy it ॐ

Sunset Atmo.vital (1.2 MB)


Well this is so kewl, you just upload I will modify I am sure we will find some kewl sounds check it out perhaps not useful in the music industry as a sound but I edited videos it is well useful a lot xD
Computer_sounds.vital (1.2 MB)


Removed effects your sounded like computer sounds as well but different very cool man just keep uploading xD

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i will try to improve it saved it to my google drive so i can use it on some text or something

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looking good :sound::joystick::cyclone:

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@TechTomb try this version, more clean than first. I use it in G0 and play with first three macro for add the sound in the mix. :sunglasses::joystick::loud_sound:Sunset Atmo 2.vital (1.2 MB)

Thanks fren :smiley:

I was gonna follow your’ soundcloud account but you have 420 followers and i don’t want to break it lmao
Hmmm what to do?

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@Krel Computer_sounds 2.vital (1.2 MB)

Just removed an echo still remained a little bit, but I really like this sound you are so kewl <3


Computer_sounds 3.vital (1.2 MB)
And a little bit modified


Unusual.vital (235.8 KB)

Check it out some kind of SFX like helicopter and electricity on some levels (at least it was before I changed the matrix - can be modified to achieve again) don’t know perhaps someone can slice it and echos xD


ahahaaha 420 are the people I following lol xD Follow me :wink:

Good work @TechTomb :facepunch:t2:

ohhh im smart xD