Projects containing Vital won't load

I have a very new MacBook Pro M1 and vital was one of the first vst’s I installed with FL studio. Unfortunately I can’t open any of my projects unless I remove vital (via diagnostics).

I also know that the problem isn’t all 3rd party plugins due to further testing.

Im sort of at my wits end at this point. :confused:

but a fresh project with vital works? saving and recalling it again?

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sorry I realize this post wasn’t nearly as clear as I thought it was.

basically I can open and use vital fine on a project (the first time I’m working on it), but as soon as I try to reopen it, Fl will stop responding (when loading in vital) and the project won’t load.

occasionally it will load in but I’m not entirely sure why

ive also checked for CPU usage and don’t believe that’s the issue

Try logging out and running Vital offline. If that doesn’t fix the issue you can still log back in.

no luck :confused:

I assume you’ve seen this thread ?

I really don’t have any issue with vital when its running, the issue is that it crashes my fl when I try to load it in on a saved project

also thanks for responding etc :slight_smile:

this user might be experiencing the same thing


Just make sure you are opening your DAW through rosetta.

go to finder-> right click on (insert daw)–> get info —> open using rosetta.

fixed it for me!

sorry I realize this might be an incredibly basic thing to check but I’m a very new Mac user and didn’t know better. Thanks to everyone for trying to help me out!!