Producer Presets / Plugin Giveaway

Hey all!

I’m trying something out and running a plugin giveaway through the end of January.

Just upload a preset to Producer Presets and add a plugin you want to your Wishlist and we’ll randomly select a winner at the end of January.

Hit me up with any questions!

what does this have to do with vital

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Ah - sorry - we have a ton of Vital users and free presets here:

Figured folks might have some Vital presets they had kicking around and could use them to enter the giveaway.

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How do you get a developer and plugins added to your list? Most of the plugins I own are not on your list.

I don’t have a Instagram or I would join I do have FB.

You can let me know here or through the contact form on the site and I’ll do my best to get them added in. Typically before I add a new vendor/plugin I just like to make sure there is definitely someone with presets to contribute.

I’ve sent you a message by contact form. If you add the vendor and plugins I will upload at least one patch for each. They are popular plugins so it shouldn’t be hard to find people to contribute.

That’s if people are actually going to contribute to any plugin and not just suck up all the free presets.

Time will tell I suppose.