Problems Sharing Vital Projects

A friend and I are collaborating on some music. I have just sent him a project using vital but he has told me that when he opens it, all the oscillators have reset to the initial patch. We are working in Ableton and using the same version of vital (1.0.07) however he is on a Mac with vital pro and I’m using windows with plus. Can anyone advise with what is causing this problem? I currently am assuming it’s because of a difference between pro and plus as from what he has told me it is only affecting the oscillators.


Hey there
The easiest way around this is flattening to audio but otherwise maybe send the patches to them and they can save them in their own user folder? Maybe it’s not being capture in the project files

Just ideas if you need to solve it quick, not sure if it’s a bug or not though causing it, unlucky

Thanks, yeah have I know there is a workaround and that’s fine but its a bit of a pain and just another thing to remember to do every time one of us shares a project. Also ever other plugin manages to work fine when sharing so I’m only asking for a basic feature that you assume you will get when you buy a vst.

I’m happy to be told that the problem would be solved if I upgrade to pro but I’m reluctant to spend the money unless I know that’s a fix

i think i noticed that the preset isn’t really saved as a preset until it is explicitly done. meaning, the plugin state will be saved in the project file. there’s room for volatility in there. that being said, i’m not sure if all the WAV data is saved in a preset when it is explicitly saved either. raises important questions. but there’s plenty of other situations where this happens, for example with soundfonts, kontakt, and other similar instruments that need external files to be carefully maintained otherwise bye bye patch. so it’s best practice to immediately bounce down when you have the sound you want, whether it’s vital or any other synth that uses samples. for project security sake. hard way learned this was. :frog: