Problems selecting tabs while playing - Reason Suite

First of all congratulations for this fantastic tool. I think it may be the Serum killer. :wink:

I use Vital with Reason Suite and have noticed that while the sequencer plays the 4 tabs (Voice, Effects, Matrix, Advance) are not displayed.
To view them I have to stop the sequencer.

It even happens when I want to open Vital VST while the sequencer is running, the Vital screen is white.
I have to stop it for the screen to appear.

Some advice?

I’m a Mac user - iMac with High Sierra

Many thanks

no problem here with logic 10.5.1
osx mojave

ok, when i open vital while the sequenzer is running it
takes about half a second where the gui window is white
but after half a second the gui displays nicely and i can switch, select, enable, disable what not any gui element and tab…

probably a reason thing?
or a highsierra thing?

I don’t know, maybe my old iMac and high Sierra…
But I have an ssd on iMac so it’s faster