Problem with using external files inside ardour DAW

When i use Vital as a standalone it works fine and i can just drag and drop audiofiles to the oscillators.
This does not work when i use Vital inside my DAW which is ardour. In another post i found using the internal media browser inside the DAW would be a workaround. Unfortunetly i dont know about such a media browser in ardour. The problem does not end in audio files. When i try to load tuningfiles inside the DAW no filebrowser pops up and it simply does nothing. Again, when i use Vital in standalone mode it works just fine. I am using a linux machine.

P.S. I found a workaround for importing the wavetables. Using Vital in standalone mode makes it possible to add directories to the wavetablelibrary. These can then be used in the DAW too. This also shows another Problem. It is not possible to add folders in the DAW. Seems like the whole access to the filesystem is not working when Vital is inside a ardour/aDAW. :wink: