Problem with envelope 1 on VITAL

Hi. The Envelope 1 always triggers the rest of the volume oscilatiors by defect. Is the any way to asign the envelope one only to the oscilator one? because if it is not possible, that issue limits a lot the way to modulate with the rest of the OSC, having the envelope one influencing the rest always.

Many thanks

Env1 is hard wired to general amp of the patch. You may use it to shape the general amp contour or just use it to open the amp as quick as possible to max sustain and use other envs to control the osc levels.

Many thanks for your answer. I go on without undersanding your point but I will try my best.

You can always leave env1 alone and use other envelopes to shape the sound. Vital supports up to 6 envelopes, appearing one by one as you use them up.

Env1 is hard wired to the invisible voice amp there

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