Problem installing Factory Content

It downloads content, and when i press Install button nothing happens. But in directory i selected to install it makes error.txt file which when opened has link and when i open that link in browser it downloads FactoryContent.vitalbank can someone help me?

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I had this issue too. I tried a couple of times inside the DAW, then in the standalone, then when I tried again in the DAW it worked! Weird

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Same issue here. Looks like a problem of access rights but maybe I’m wrong…
I do have exact same problem as mentionned by laurenkis except I’m not getting any “FactoryContent.vitalbank” file… The directory selected by default by Vital does not exist and is not created.

I tried to close and open again my DAW, nothing new. The downloading process is starting back any time I try to open a Vital instrument

OK, I finally solved the problem by creating the folder “Vital” by myself.
So I went to the location indicated by Vital, created a Vital directory there. Then I openned Vital in my DAW which starts the download of the FactoryContent file (in the popin over the Vital instrument). And this way, once the progress bar has reached the end, the install button became clickable and I was finally able to install it :wink: